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RSA give local authorities a key role

“Local authorities have a significant role in improving the safety of roads near schools,” the Road Safety Authority (RSA) stated in a recently released article.  

The role assigned to local authorities is part of a Safe Systems Approach which gives a shared responsibility to key road safety authorities in local areas. 

The responsibilities given include: 

  • Reducing speed limits providing or upgrading footpaths 
  • Providing or upgrading pedestrian crossings  
  • Implementing ‘school zones’ and ‘school streets’ 
  • Removing or preventing car parking outside schools 
  • Providing separate vehicle and pedestrian/cyclist access to schools

All of these points were made by the RSA in their new book of guidelines for ‘Improving Road Safety Around Schools’ which was released on Thursday last week (26th of August,) just on time for Back-to-School season. 

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