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Roadside Assistance calls set to spike

Roadside Assistance calls are set to spike, according to Allianz Partners.

A spike in Roadside Assistance calls has been projected with many motorists returning to Ireland’s roads to go to work and school this week.  

Allianz Partners say the peak time for road side assistance calls is on Mondays at 9am, when the work and school rush take place. Roadside Technicians normally expect to receive in excess of 7 breakdowns a day but we’ve already seen breakdowns hitting a high for this year, following the gradual reopening of the country. 

Roland Hesse, Managing Director of Allianz Partners Ireland, commented on the recent spike in road side assistance calls, saying: “We’re already seeing it, as cars have been relatively dormant over the Covid period with the prime problem being flat batteries. Hence, we’ve now invested in 6 new vans for our breakdown assistance fleet to cater for the additional anticipated call-outs.”  

The new fleet of Volkswagen Transporter vans will serve Allianz Partners motorists in the Cork, Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow areas. 

“After flat batteries, flat tyres and clutch problems are the second and third most common causes of breakdown, followed by alternator problems and electrical faults. But it’s clearly understood that during the times we’ve all been through, that it’s to be expected,” he continued.  

“It’s about us being ready, and we are. We want to help motorists get to school and to work and our call-out times average less than 51 minutes. 

It’s not just the investment in the vans. We are also continuing to invest in our team of highly-trained technicians, diagnostic technologies, so that we will be able to assist more customers than ever before and ensure that we can get them back on the road as quickly as we can, in time for the school bell and for work.” 

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