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The costs of learning to drive

New research from Uswitch has revealed a roundup of learning to drive in 11 different countries around the world.

The company’s research surveyed the cost of lessons, petrol prices, and car insurance. Given below are the results for Ireland, the UK, Norway and the USA. To see the full list countries visit Uswitch.com.


To gain an Irish driver’s licence, you can purchase one of three drivers’ licences, one that lasts for a year, one that lasts for three years, and one that lasts for 10 years. In Ireland, you need to be at least 17 years old to learn how to drive. You will also need a mandatory 12 hours with an RSA approved driving instructor.

The average amount you are expected to pay for a driving lesson would be between €30 and €40 per hour, students usually have around 46 hours’ worth of driving time, plus extras.

United Kingdom 

The cost of a provisional driving licence in the UK comes in at £34 (€40.26)if you purchase the identity card online, or £43 (€50.92) if you apply by post. A replacement fee will be charged if you lose the licence. According to GOV.UK, you can apply for your provisional driving licence at 15 years and 9 months old, but you cannot legally start driving until you’re 17. Unlike other countries, the UK has a ‘pay as you go’ method, meaning that if you fail either test, you will have to pay the full test price again until you obtain a pass. Your theory test is valid for two years, and within this time frame, you must pass your practical to avoid paying for a theory test again.

The minimum cost you can expect to pay to learn how to drive in the UK is £1,264 (€1264). With students needing around 45 hours of lessons before a practical test, this is the minimum you can expect to pay, and this is without car insurance.


Legally you must be 18 to drive in Norway. A Norwegian driving licence will cost you around 30,000 kroner to drive – that is a huge €3004.20. In Norway, you will need 17 hours of mandatory lessons – but hourly wages in Norway are a lot higher than the European average. With intensive driving courses, statistics reveal that there are a lot fewer accidents on the road because the education of driving is so high here.


You must be at least 16 years old to drive in the USA, however, if you’re learning in some states such as New Jersey, you must be 17.

Obtaining a driver’s licence is different depending on where you live within the country. In the USA, depending on what state you live in depends on how much you pay for an American driver’s licence.

Depending on where you live in the US, also determines how long your driver’s licence is valid for. It will cost you $64.24(€55.57) to hold a licence in New York, but it is valid for 8 years, costing just $8.03 (€6.95) per year. Whereas in Arizona you will be paying $25.00 (€21.62), but this licence is valid for 12 years, meaning that you are only paying $2.08 (€1.80) a year.

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