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Clevertec Systems and Queclink Wireless Solutions join forces

CleverTec Systems has teamed up with Queclink Wireless Solutions to develop all-in-one fleet and video telematics for electric cargo bikes. With the adoption of e-bikes within the last-mile delivery sector on the rise, the partnership will develop a bespoke technology solution to meet the road safety and performance needs of this emerging mode of urban freight transport. 

The e-cargo bike is becoming a viable alternative to diesel vans in the urban environment, offering faster delivery times and dramatic cuts in emissions,” explains Anthony Bempong, Director of CleverTec Systems. “With uptake accelerating in the UK and international markets, we are seeing huge demand for a highly compact, robust and flexible fleet and video telematics system that is specifically designed for this exciting delivery solution.”

Queclink Wireless Solutions will work with Clevertec Systems to adapt its proven and tested CV200 dashcam to create a ruggedised two-camera system with advanced tracking and power management capabilities. It will work seamlessly with CleverTec Systems’ online platform, which can be integrated with external routing, scheduling and deliver management software via an easy API.

Our aim is to develop an industry-first telematics solution that overcomes the unique operational and technology challenges of the e-cargo bike. By partnering with a global leader in the IoT hardware marketplace, we can combine our expertise to deliver a bespoke camera and tracking system that will meet the growing demand from manufacturers and end-user delivery businesses,” adds Bempong.

Vernon Bonser, UK Sales Director at Queclink Wireless Solutions commented: “As hardware partner of choice for many service providers within the telematics sector, we are using our unrivalled technical expertise to deliver new and exciting technology applications. This latest collaboration illustrates how flexible we are to individual customer needs, which is helping them take advantage of market opportunities and target business growth.”