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€229,000 in fines for 27 M50 toll dodgers 

27 motorists were issued a total of €229,000 in fines on Monday after they failed to show up to court for toll dodging on the M50, the Irish Independent reports. 

47 toll dodgers had been summoned to appear at Dublin District Court, only 20 of the summoned drivers decided to show up. The prosecutions still proceeded to take place against the 27 people who chose not to appear, resulting in fines ranging from €2,000 to €15,000. 

Most of the cases involved vehicles with records between 100 plus to nearly 400 unpaid trips. Thousands of warning letters were sent to the motorists, the court was told. 

The highest number in the cases involved a private car owner with a history of 648 trips on the motorway. After failing to respond or appear in court, he was fined €15,000.