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E-scooters seized by Gardaí

Donegal Gardaí seized two e-scooters at the weekend after people were observed using them in Buncrana, the Irish Times report. 

E-scooters are considered to be mechanically propelled vehicles (MPV), meaning they should be roadworthy, taxed and insured.  

It is currently not possible to tax or insure an E-scooter, rendering them unsuitable for use in a public place. 

The point was brought up on Sunday (August 15th) when two E-scooter users had their vehicles confiscated by Gardaí. A Donegal Garda spokesperson commented on the matter saying: “If an MPV is used in a public place, it is subject to all of the regulatory controls that apply to other vehicles.” 

They went on to say that e-scooters must be roadworthy, must be registered, taxed and insured. The driver must hold the appropriate driving licence and a helmet must be worn.  

The spokesperson then referred all further inquiries to the Road Safety Authority website for the use of such scooters. 

(Featured image taken via: t3.com)

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