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The AA shows concern over speed camera myths

A warning has been issued to drivers over speed van myths circulating, fm104.ie reports. 

Irish road users are being urged to ignore a number of myths surrounding speed cameras. 

Since speed vans were introduced to Ireland’s roads, a lot of myths have developed around how they work. 

The AA have shared some advice on how these speed cameras work and the best way to avoid that fine. 

In an interview with the Irish Mirror, the AA commented on these myths, saying: 

“It’s safer for everyone to stick to the limits – and the law – by not speeding in the first place.” 

One false myth that’s been going around is that if “if you drive really fast, you won’t trigger the camera”. 

However, the AA says this is completely wrong and the only way to avoid triggering the camera is to stay within the speed limit.  

Another myth that changing lanes can fool the speed calculations picked up by the camera, but the motoring experts have said this is no longer the case.  

“While older speed cameras could’ve been ‘tricked’, more advanced cameras now use multiple sets of cameras at each point to track all the lanes and compare average speeds”, they said. 

Speed cameras are allowed to operate on 1,322 stretches of Irish road and are located in places where there have been speed-related collisions to prevent further injuries or fatalities. 

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