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Look out for each other campaign

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has launched a new campaign aimed at reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries among older age groups. 

Data, gathered from 2016 to 2020, shows that 31% of pedestrian fatalities are aged 65 and older and that the majority of fatal collisions involving these older pedestrians occurred on urban roads. 

This new campaign reminds people that we all share the roads and only by observing each other, can we observe good road behaviour. A video was released earlier this week to promote the campaign’s launch. 

In the video, we see an older lady out for a walk. While on her walk, we subtle interactions with other road users are represented by bold graphics, which translate and emphasize her gestures.  

The campaign is sound tracked by ‘Look at Grandma’ by Bo Diddley, whose chorus puts across message to look out for older pedestrians. 

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