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Ireland the “worst in the world” for commuting

Research by UK company, USwitch, has revealed that Britain and Ireland are the worst in the world for commuting

The study led by the British company took place in a range of countries, analyzing various factors including average commute time, the cost of getting to work, as well as green factors such as the number of electric vehicles and charging points on roads.

The UK has been dubbed the second-worst country in the world for commuting, with Ireland landing at the bottom of the pile. On the opposite end of the list sits Turkey which has taken its place as the best the world for commuting, followed by Austria and Romania.

Ireland was the worst country for commuters, notably having the highest cost when it comes to a public transport pass, which averaged at an incredible €101.63 a month. Apart from its CO2 emissions, the Emerald Isle scored poorly on every factor in the research. The main reason for Turkey’s success was mainly due to its cheapest fuel prices and ranking in the top five cheapest countries for public transport.
Uswitch.com car insurance expert, Florence Codjoe comments:“After nearly two years of lockdowns and working from home, the world is finally beginning to open up again, which means across the globe many of us are heading back into the office and having to deal with the stress of the daily commute.
“It’s interesting to see our research reveals Ireland and the United Kingdom are the two worst countries in the world for commuting. Ireland comes out as the worst, notably having the highest public transport pass cost, followed closely by the UK which scores poorly across the board – from high transport costs to a long average commute time. Turkey came out as the best country for commuting largely due to the affordability of commuting and for scoring highly on the green factors which we looked at.
“It will be interesting to see if the daily commute improves over the coming years, with more countries adopting a hybrid way of working, which in return should hopefully see the average commute time and stress of travelling, decrease in countries across the world.”
One can only hope improvements are made to Ireland’s public transport.