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Brand-new safe driving technology released

A brand-new technology detects driver inattentiveness and alerts drivers to take action before a road incident occurs. 

The epidemic that is distracted driving is growing rapidly with many motorists feeling it’s okay glance at their phones while at the wheel. SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ detects and notifies drivers when they aren’t concentrating and prompts them to concentrate on the journey at hand.  

The technology provides a view of the cab interior and examines the driver’s face, eyes, and hands to tell if someone doesn’t have their full attention on the road. 

“Inattention is a pandemic, and one that has become increasingly worse,” says Penny Brooks, UK Managing Director of SmartDrive. “SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ addresses this problem head on using advanced technologies and analytics to keep our drivers safe and help all of us get home safely.”