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German driving test back-log

Ireland has faced many problems while dealing with the driver theory and driving test back-log but, it appears we aren’t the only ones struggling with back-log issues. 

In a recent announcement it was revealed that Germany is facing just as much, if not more, trouble with the back-log than Ireland, this came to light in when the Technical Inspection Association’s (TÜV’s) managing director saying that driving tests will not be available until 2022. 

A mix of problems has led to this huge delay. The demand for driving tests soared after the first lock down in Germany and the TÜV were unable to keep up due to many of their driving instructors testing positive for COVID-19. 

A lot of the learner drivers are paying for extra lessons in order to avoid getting out of practice, putting a strain on their finances.  

An article on iamexpat.de says that “Learning to drive in Germany is already a costly affair since learners must complete a required number of theoretical and practical practice hours in a driving school with an official instructor… Taking all this into account, learning to drive in Germany can cost anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 euro, sometimes even more.” 

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